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With years of experience, commitment, and a desire to help uncover the world of aquatics we have crafted a world-class charter for everyone to enjoy

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Darwin Red Devil Charters

Searching for the finest Darwin fishing charters?

We remain the go-to option for those who wish to enjoy their time out in the water while getting a great catch! This is the ultimate experience for those who want a world-class  Fishing adventure while enjoying NT’s natural beauty.

Here is more on what makes us special.



With years of experience, commitment, and a desire to help uncover the world of aquatics we have crafted a world-class charter for everyone to enjoy. Make the most of this robust setup and soak up the fun-filled experience.



We are well-regarded for its robust Arafura deep sea fishing tours.

These are meticulously crafted to illustrate the charm of the Northern Territory and all that it has to offer. This charter is comprehensive, fun, and entertaining for everyone. It is one of those experiences you’ll never forget, and that’s what makes it enthralling.

This is the ultimate treat for those who are love with the water and wish to make the most of this luxurious fishing tour.



Want to spend half a day out on the water fishing along the Harbour Reef?

It is a sight to behold making it an experience that’s hard to forget. With the help of a trained guide, you’ll enjoy the nuances of fishing along the beautiful harbour reef. The waves will crash over the reef as you get a fantastic and once in a lifetime view of what makes this such a unique trip.

Spend your day in one of the most beautiful settings on the planet and recognise the intricate details as they’re pointed out to you. Fishing in this setting is going to fill you up with joy!

Share the moment with family and friends and know it’ll never be forgotten.



Want to spend the full day out in the water as you go fishing? Who doesn’t?!

We make sure you receive full access to the water and can fish in all the key hotspots along the reef. This is going to offer a range of advantages including unique sightlines, robust fishing angles, and access to a trained fishing guide.

It doesn’t get better than this!

Call in and book your full-day reef blue water fishing experience and know it is going to make you smile from ear to ear. This is an experience that’s enthralling and revitalising!



Want to go swimming with the sharks?

While you may not enter the water in the open but a shark cage is the next best thing! With the help of experienced professionals who have spent their lives in these waters, you’ll receive access to a top-tier shark cage. This guarantees you get up and close with some of the biggest sharks on the planet.

Yes, you get to enter the shark cage and see the beauty of sharks like most never do.



The only fishing charter boat in NT with a liquor licence!

For those who want to soak up the setting and get the most out of it, the charm of liquor is hard to ignore. All customers receive access to alcohol (only if over the legal age) as this is a certified and licensed company. All liquor is stored in regulated conditions and will be served fresh.

Make the most of your trip with a bit of liquor in hand!

This is the ultimate option for those who want to take in the moment.



Speaking to an expert is one of the most important things a person can ask for before heading out into the water.

Rigorous standards are applied to all representatives at the company. The goal is to offer an experience that is immersive, informational and offers an experience that is impossible to forget. For this to happen, the company prides itself on providing access to experienced professionals.

These are experts who have been near these waters for years and know them better than anyone else.



We understands the value of bringing in family and friends. If this is going to be a group excursion, the company can accommodate your plans and build an event that’s going to be memorable for years to come.

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Tell the team in advance and book your fishing charter in a matter of moments.

It is as simple as calling in and letting the company know what you’re after and how many people will be attending. If necessary, we are able to accommodate larger groups and will offer a seamless solution.



For men and women seeking fully functional facilities during the day, these are available.

Everything is accounted for to guarantee the experience is smooth, fun, and easy on the body.

Come in and enjoy the beauty of the top end’s charm and know every detail is looked after from start to finish.



Don’t want to go with a streamlined fishing charter? Our goal is to personalize this experience and make it unique to you.

Everything is detailed during the booking process to ensure it fits your needs.

Safe and Certified Northern Territory (NT) Charters

We are a safe and certified company with years of experience.



Our rates are listed here and are offer great value for money

To get started, please call in and book now by calling 0437 166 334! The team is ready to assist and book a wild adventure that is going to be fun-filled, luxurious, and memorable for years to come.

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